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Last modified: 2018 Jul 17.
NrProduct NameCAS NrkgProducerColour IndexType
14734CARBOMER 9409007-20-97238.0LubrizolRheology modifier
16212CARBOMER ETD 20509007-20-92060.0Rheology modifier
24580MONTELANE LT 40882000.0SeppicSurfactant
6996N-METHYL PYRROLIDONE872-50-44830.0AshlandSolvent
12843ORAMIX L 30137-16-64000.0SeppicSurfactant
24835ORONAL LCG/E OD110.0SeppicSurfactant
24836PHENOXY PKHW-3812810.0GabrielPhenoxy resin
24837SEPICALM VG58725-33-0+ 84696-27-5440.0SeppicSoothing agent
24838SEPINOV EMT 10200.0SeppicTanning agent
10769SIMULGEL EG120.0SeppicThickener
24839SIMULQUAT HC 305180.0SeppicTexturising agent
24840SOLAGUM TARA725.0SeppicThickener
21621TEXAPON K 12 G151-21-313725.0BASFSurfactant
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