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Skandex 350 shaker

The Skandex 350 shaker is Fast & Fluid’s entry model shaker specifically designed for the European market and complies with CE regulations. It is a robust and reliable machine. With its capacity of up to 35 kg it is suitable for all points of sale with a low to medium volume paint turnover. The manual internal sliding door assures the limited use of valuable floor space and the 3 preset timers (with values of 30, 60 and 150 seconds) guarantee an easy operation of the shaker. The SK350: a rugged, reliable and easy to use product at an economical price.
Description SK350
High/low clamping no
Bi-directional shaking movement no
Pre-loaded customized software settings no
Windows shake time manager no
Internal sliding door manual
Frame height adjuster no
Can table fixed
Entry support roller no
Sound level middle
Timer 3 buttons, fixed times
Service & diagnostics software on board
Number of shakes per minute 680
Shake amplitude/distance 25 mm
Maximum mixing weight 35 kg
Clamping pressure ca. 3000 N
Can detection no
Motor type DC
Expected lifetime of the motor Long
Shake time for 25 litres wallpaint 3 min
Clamping control Current controlled clamping
Minimum can height 5 cm
Maximum can height 45 cm
Maximum can diameter 35 cm
Power supply 100/240V 50/60 Hz
Voltage & frequency adjustment at order
Machine size (H x W x D) 116 x 72 x 61 cm
Machine weight 190 kg

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SK350 brochure

SK350 user's manual

SK350 spare parts book

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