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NrProduct NameCAS NrkgProducerColour IndexType
104012 ETHYLHEXANOL104-76-71000.0Raw materialcode: 10401 name: 2 ethylhexanol 2-etilhexanol synonyms: 2-ethyl-1-hexanol; 2-ethylhexylalkohol; isooctan-1-ol; 1-isooctanol; iso-caprylalkohol; 2-ethylhexan-1-ol; isooctylalkohol; isooctanol; isooctyl alcohol; ethylhexyl alcohol; oxooctyl alcohol; 2-eh; 2-etilhexanol; 2-etilhexilalkohol description: fatty alcohol, an organic compound is a branched, eight-carbon chiral alcohol. it is a colorless liquid that is nearly insoluble in water but soluble in most organic solvents. almost all 2-ethylhexanol is converted into the diesters bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (dehp), a plasticizer. because it is a fatty alcohol, its esters tend to have emollient properties. for example, the sunscreen octocrylene contains a 2-ethylhexyl ester for this purpose. it is also commonly used as a low volatility solvent. cas: 104-76-7 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 203-234-3 producer: type: raw material group: organic chemicals industry: chemical, building, glass, ceramics & paper
948128-5333 P101356-96-160.0FerroPVPigmentcode: 9481 name: 28-5333 p 28-5333 p synonyms: bariumcalcium magnesium strontium zinc oxide phosphate, copper-doped; bariumoxide (bao), solid soln. with calcium oxide,magnesium oxide, phosphorus oxide (p2o5), strontium oxide and zinc oxide,copper-doped description: inorganic violet pigment based on sr and phosphate (sr5(po4)3cu0.3o). suitable for replacing pv23 in applications that require high weather fastness. cas: 101356-96-1 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 309-892-9 producer: ferro type: pigment group: pigments and its preparates industry: plastics & rubber paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
23133ACIDOL OLIVE M-BGL61814-51-550.0BASFAG104Dyecode: 23133 name: acidol olive m-bgl acidol oliv m-bgl acidol olív m-bgl synonyms: c.i. acid green 104; acidolive mbgl; rathidol olive m-bgl; ratna acid olive mbgl; triasolan olive bgl; acidol oliv m-bgl description: acid green 104. cas: 61814-51-5 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 612-457-9 producer: basf type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26051ACUDYNE DHR3440.0DowFixing agentcode: 26051 name: acudyne dhr acudyne dhr synonyms: description: inci: acrylates/hydroxyesters, acrylates copolymer. mixture of two acrylic polymers consisting of a 'hard' phase and a 'soft' phase. the polymers are random and linear, consisting of polymerized methacrylic acid, hydroxyethylmethacrylate, and various acrylate esters. it is manufactured as an emulsion in water. upon neutralization, it dissolves into water or water/alcohol to form clear solutions. durable hold resin all day flexible style and shine for 55% voc sprays. used in hair care. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: dow type: fixing agent group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
26052ACUDYNE SHINE24295.0DowFixing agentcode: 26052 name: acudyne shine acudyne shine synonyms: description: inci: styrene/acrylates copolymer. it can help hair spray formulations achieve outstanding shine and equivalent hold to commercial hair sprays in 80% voc (dme) and 55% voc formulations. this product makes hair shiny without compromising styling hold. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: dow type: fixing agent group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
26053ACULYN EXCEL25133-97-556975.0DowRheology modifiercode: 26053 name: aculyn excel aculyn excel synonyms: 2-propenoic acid,2-methyl-,polymers,polymer with ethyl 2-propenoate and methyl 2-methyl-2-propenoate; amine resin-modified acrylic copolymer; carboset 514; carboset 514h; elvacite 2627; rhoplex ac 200; rhoplex ac 234; rhoplex b 231 description: inci: acrylates copolymer. acts as a hase rheology modifier offering clear suspension of both beads and bubbles at low ph values. it helps with building viscosity of cleansing products while exhibiting nice flow properties. it is compatible with a variety of surfactants including mild surfactants and with typical ingredients used in cleansing formulations. it produces clear formulations. it is efficient at thickening and suspending in sulfate-free surfactant systems. used in exfoliating body washes, facial washes & cleansers, liquid hand soaps, shampoos & conditioners, sulfate-free & mild cleansing formulations. cas: 25133-97-5 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 607-559-5 producer: dow type: rheology modifier group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
26054ACUSOL OP 302B6020.0DowOpacifiercode: 26054 name: acusol op 302b acusol op 302b synonyms: description: inci name: styrene/acrylates copolymer. water-based, styrene/acrylic emulsion used for opacifying household and institutional products including laundry and dishwash detergents and household cleaners. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: dow type: opacifier group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
26058ALCOMER 81917975.0BASFFlocculating agentcode: 26058 name: alcomer 819 alcomer 819 synonyms: description: cationic polyacrylamide with medium-high molecular weight and highly ionic character. flocculant for oilfield use. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: flocculating agent group: additives industry: oil & mining industry
26070ARKOPAL N 3089616-45-92000.0ClariantEmulsifiercode: 26070 name: arkopal n 308 arkopal n 308 synonyms: description: nonylphenol polyglycol ether (30 eo), 80% active content. waxy liquid with a cloud point of 76-78°c and hlb value of ca. 17. nonionic emulsifier for the chemical industry. used as emulsifier in emulsion polymerization; as wax emulsifier; adhesives; construction chemicals; dispersing agent for pigment pastes; as stabilizer in paints and coatings; bitumen. cas: 9616-45-9 eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: clariant type: emulsifier group: surfactants & additives industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives chemical, building, glass, ceramics & paper
26032AROSTIT AR7775-14-6+ 5064-31-3360.0ArchromaStabilizercode: 26032 name: arostit ar arostit ar synonyms: description: stabilized reducing and whitening agent for wool, silk, cellulose and polyamide fibers as well as for fur with an additional optical brightener in a reddish shade. contains ca. 40% sodium dithionite, ca. 4% trisodium nitrilotriacetate and 1-2% sodium 2-((4-(3-(4-chlorophenyl)-4,5-dihydro-1h-pyrazol-1-yl)phenyl) sulphonyl)ethane sulphonate. un 1384, adr 4.2/ii. cas: 7775-14-6+ 5064-31-3 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 231-890-0 producer: archroma type: stabilizer group: additives industry: textile & leather
26033AROSTIT IT7775-14-6+ 5064-31-3360.0ArchromaTextile auxiliarycode: 26033 name: arostit it arostit it synonyms: description: stabilized reducing and whitening agent for wool, silk, cellulose and polyamide fibers as well as for fur without addition of optical brightener. contains ca. 60-65% sodium dithionite, ca. 4% trisodium nitrilotriacetate, sodium carbonate, sodium disulfite and sodium sulfide. un 1384, adr 4.2/ii. cas: 7775-14-6+ 5064-31-3 eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: archroma type: textile auxiliary group: additives industry: textile & leather
26050ASCONIL VIOLET 6B1220-94-625.0M. DohmenDsV4, SV12Dyecode: 26050 name: asconil violet 6b asconil violett 6b asconil ibolya 6b synonyms: c.i. disperse violet 4; c.i. solvent violet 12; c.i. 61105; acetoquinone light violet n; akasperse fast violet b; amacel violet 6b; celliton fast violet 6ba-cf; celliton fast violet 6b; chemicet violet 6b; cilla fast violet 6b; diacelliton fast violet bf; diacelliton fast violet b; disperse fast violet b; disperse violet 4s; disperse violet b; dispersol violet b; duranol brilliant violet b; duranolbrilliant violet b 300; fenacet fast violet 6b; interchem acetate violet 6b; kayalon fast violet bb; lowadene violet 4; microsetile violet b; nacelan violet 4b; oracet violet b; oracet violet bn; serisol fast violet 6b; supracet violet 2b; 1-amino-4-(methylamino)anthraquinone; 1-amino-4-(n-methylamino)anthraquinone; 1-methylamino-4-aminoanthraquinone; 4-amino-1-methylaminoanthraquinone; anthraquinone,1-amino-4-(methylamino)-; n-methyl-1,4-diaminoanthraquinone; asconil violett 6b description: disperse violet 4 / ci 61105 anthraquinones class. cas: 1220-94-6 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 214-944-8 producer: m. dohmen type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26049ASCONIL SCARLET RR63439-91-827.0DsR54:1Dyecode: 26049 name: asconil scarlet rr asconil scharlach rr asconil skarlátvörös rr synonyms: c.i. disperse red 54:1; dispersol scarlet c-2r; palanil scarlet rr; tersetile scarlet grl; asconil scharlach rr description: disperse red 54:1. cas: 63439-91-8 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 613-224-4 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
11678BASILEN BRILLIANT BLUE P-3R72214-18-750.0BASFRB49Dyecode: 11678 name: basilen brilliant blue p-3r basilen brillant blau p-3r basilen ragyogó kék p-3r synonyms: c.i. reactive blue 49; c.i. 621526; akreact blue p-3r; assofix blue psr; begative blue p-3r; blue p 3r; blue p-3r; chemifix brilliant blue p3r; cibacron blue 3r; cibacron blue p 3r; cibacron blue p-3r; cibacron brilliant blue 3r-p; drimarene brilliant blue p-3rln; evercion blue p-3r; helaktyn blue d 3r; itofix blue p3r; kayacion blue p 3r; kayacion blue p 3r liquid 20; kayacion blue p-3r; kemaion royal blue p3r; kp cion blue p-3r; levafix blue pn 3r; meactive blue h3r; ostazin blue h-3rn; polkative blue p-3r; procion blue p 3r; procion brilliant blue h 3r; reactive blue k-3r; reactive blue p-3r; reactive brilliant blue p-3r; reactron blue h3r; reactron brilliant blue h3r; rifacion blue p-3r; sinarcion blue p3r; sumifix brilliant blue h 3r; synocron brilliant blue p-3r; vertigo blue 49; 2-anthracenesulfonicacid,1-amino-4-[[3-[[4-chloro-6-[(3-sulfophenyl)amino]-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl]amino]-2,4,6-trimethyl-5-sulfophenyl]amino]-9,10-dihydro-9,10-dioxo-,trisodium salt; basilen brillant blau p-3r description: reactive blue 49 / ci 621526 anthraquinone class. cas: 72214-18-7, 12236-92-9, 72927-99-2 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 276-481-8 producer: basf type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
22461BASOFLUX RD 41207480.0BASFInhibitorcode: 22461 name: basoflux rd 4120 basoflux rd 4120 synonyms: description: preparation based on: polyacrylate, polyethylene (pe), vinyl ester, copolymer, solvent(s). paraffin inhibitor/pour point despressant for the oilfield industry. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: inhibitor group: processing chemicals industry: oil & mining industry
26059BASOFLUX RD 511923460.0BASFPour point depressantcode: 26059 name: basoflux rd 5119 basoflux rd 5119 synonyms: description: preparation based on: polyacrylate, polyethylene (pe), vinyl ester, copolymer, solvent(s). paraffin inhibitor/pour point despressant for the oilfield industry. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: pour point depressant group: additives industry: oil & mining industry
26060BASOFLUX RD 5119 M23630.0BASFPour point depressantcode: 26060 name: basoflux rd 5119 m basoflux rd 5119 m synonyms: description: preparation based on: polyacrylate, polyethylene (pe), vinyl ester, copolymer, solvent(s). paraffin inhibitor/pour point despressant for the oilfield industry. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: pour point depressant group: additives industry: oil & mining industry
26061BASOFLUX RD 51206630.0BASFPour point depressantcode: 26061 name: basoflux rd 5120 basoflux rd 5120 synonyms: description: preparation based on: polyacrylate, polyethylene (pe), vinyl ester, copolymer, solvent(s). paraffin inhibitor/pour point despressant for the oilfield industry. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: pour point depressant group: additives industry: oil & mining industry
26089BEZATHREN BRILLIANT ORANGE V3R10142-57-1175.0CHT / BezemaVO16Dyecode: 26089 name: bezathren brilliant orange v3r bemantren brillantorange v3r be?antren ragyogó narancs v3r synonyms: c.i. vat orange 16; c.i. 69540; carbanthrene orange f-3r; indanthren orange f3r; dinaphth[2,3-a:2',3'-h]acridan-5,9,14,15,18-pentone; bemantren brillantorange v3r description: vat orange 16 / ci 69540 anthraquinone class. cas: 10142-57-1 eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: cht / bezema type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26082BEMACID BLUE F-2R80010-51-117.0CHT / BezemaAB225Dyecode: 26082 name: bemacid blue f-2r bemacid blau f-2r bemacid kék f-2r synonyms: c.i. acid blue 225; irganol brilliant blue rls; nylosan blue f 2rfl; polar blue rls; bemacid blau f-2r description: acid blue 225. the highest-fastness blue element in the acid range of bezema ag. it is used above all for brilliant royal blue tones on pa and wo. cas: 80010-51-1, 12216-97-6 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 279-365-5 producer: cht / bezema type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26083BEMACID YELLOW CM-3R25.0CHT / BezemaAYDyecode: 26083 name: bemacid yellow cm-3r bemacid gelb cm-3r bemacid sárga cm-3r synonyms: bemacid gelb cm-3r description: acid yellow dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: cht / bezema type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
4623BEMACID YELLOW F-RN6375-55-925.0CHT / BezemaAY42Dyecode: 4623 name: bemacid yellow f-rn bemacid gelb f-rn bemacid sárga f-rn synonyms: c.i. acid yellow 42; c.i. 22910; [1,1'-biphenyl]-2,2'-disulfonic acid,4,4'-bis[(4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-1-phenyl-1h-pyrazol-4-yl)azo]-, disodiumsalt; acid anthracene yellow gr; acid fast yellow mr; acid leather yellowcrs; acid milling yellow m; acid milling yellow r; acid yellow fg; acid yellowk; acid yellow m; acid yellow md; acid yellow mr; airedaleyellow 3gm; alphanol fast brilliant yellow f 333; amacid fast yellow rs; amacidfast yellow rs-ex; ambinyl yellow mr; anadurm yellow m-g; apollo nylon fastyellow m-r; belacid milling yellow r; benzyl fast yellow rs; best acid millingyellow gr; calcocid milling yellow r; colorosacid yellow r; concorde acid yellow m-gr; concorde leather yellow mr; coomassie yellow r; coomassie yellow rp; coomassie yellow rs; coriacide yellow3j; covalene yellow mr; covanyl yellow mr; cyanine fast yellow m; dermacidyellow 2r; dinacid milling yellow m; dycosacid leather yellow mr; dynacidyellow rs; eniacid fast yellow r; erio fast yellow rl; everacid milling yellowmr; everacid yellow mr; fast silk yellow sh; follone yellow r; formo acidyellow 42; indacid yellow a; kca acid milling yellow m; kemacidyellow grx; kenanthrol yellow r; lecotan yellow sh; midlon yellow 2r; midlonyellow pr; milling fast yellow r; milling yellow 3g; milling yellow 3j; millingyellow fg; milling yellow rx; multicuer yellow br; naphthalene leather yellow2g; naphthazine yellow mr; optanol yellow r; orient water yellow 6; orientwater yellow 6c; pharmacine yellow r; pharmatex yellow g; ratna acid yellow r; sakolan yellow kn; sandolan milling yellow n-sh; shikiso acid fast yellow mr; simacid yellow 25145; sulfonine yellow csr; sulphon yellow rs-cf; suminolmilling yellow mr; supranol yellow r; symulon acid fast yellow mr; tertracidmilling yellow r; triacid fast milling yellow 2r; triacid yellow 2r; vicoacid yellow 42; vopsider yellow arl; water yellow 6; water yellow 6c; xylene milling yellow sh; bemacid gelb f-rn description: acid yellow 42 / ci 22910 double azo class. cas: 6375-55-9 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 228-940-9 producer: cht / bezema type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
5094BEMACID GREEN CM-B4403-90-140.0CHT / BezemaAG25Dyecode: 5094 name: bemacid green cm-b bemacid grün cm-b bemacid zöld cm-b synonyms: c.i. acid green 25; c.i. 61570; c.i.acid green 25 disodium salt; alizarin cyanine green f; acid alizarine green g; acid brilliant green gs; acid chrome greenanthraquinone; acid cyanine green g; acid green 25; acid leather greenag; acid chrome anthraquinone green; acidol green bx; ahcoquinone cyanine green g; airedale green acg; alizarine brilliant green ef; alizarine brilliant green g; alizarinecyanine green 90128; alizarine cyanine green b; alizarine cyanine greeng-cf; alizarine cyanine green gn; alizarine cyanine green ht; alizarine fast green cg; alizarine fast green gn; alizarine fast printing green g; alizarine green cyanine j; alizarine green g; alizarine green j; alizarine green u 308256; alizarine light green gs; alizarine light green gsn; alizarine neutral green cg; anthraquinone green g; anthraquinone green gnn; basovit green 876; bemacid green f-2b; bemacid green p-f2b; bucacid fast green gs; calcocid alizarine green cg; chrome green anthraquinone; coomassie fast green gn; coomassie fast green gw; covalene green gs; benzenesulfonic acid,2,2'-[(9,10-dihydro-9,10-dioxo-1,4-anthracenediyl)diimino]bis[5-methyl-,disodium salt; m-toluenesulfonic acid,6,6'-(1,4-anthraquinonylenediimino)di-, disodium salt; bemacid grün cm-b description: acid green 25 / ci 61570. cas: 4403-90-1 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 224-546-6 producer: cht / bezema type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
24124BEMACRON BLACK RS52697-38-8+ 3618-72-2+ 5261-31-444.0CHT / BezemaDsBkDyecode: 24124 name: bemacron black rs bemacron schwarz rs bemacron fekete rs synonyms: bemacron schwarz rs description: disperse black dyes mixture (disperse violet 93:1, disperse blue 79:1, disperse orange 30). neutral rapid-dyeing black with good washing and sublimation fastnesses. its very good dispersion stability makes it particularly suitable for dyeing cross-wound yarns. cas: 52697-38-8+ 3618-72-2+ 5261-31-4 eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: cht / bezema type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
6053BEMACRON BLUE E-FBL 100%12217-79-750.0CHT / BezemaDsB56, DsB59Dyecode: 6053 name: bemacron blue e-fbl 100% bemacron blau e-fbl 100% bemacron kék e-fbl 100% synonyms: c.i. disperse blue 56; c.i. disperse blue 59; c.i. 63285; abcol blue fbl; adis blue fbl; akasperse blue fbl; allilon blue r; amarlene blue 2r; ambicron blue ebl; apollon blue e-fbl; begacron blue fbl; blue 2bln; blue 2bln 320% group; blue 2rx; blue e-2bln; blue r; browncron blue 2bln; bucron blue fbs grains; chemicron brilliant blue 3rln; chemilene blue r; chromacron blue fbl; classic disperse blue 56 100%; concordacron blue fbln; condisper blue ek; desron blue e-2bln; dianix blue e-ra 150%; dianix blue er; dianix blue fbl paste 50%; dianix blue kfbl; dianix blue klf 67%; disperse blue 2bl; disperse blue 2bln; disperse blue 2rx; disperse blue e-2bln; disperse blue e-bnl; disperse blue e-fbl; disperse blue fbl; disperse blue fbl 200%; disperse blue l-2bln; disperse brilliant blue e-2bln; disperse brilliant blue e-4r; dispersol blue b-r; dispersrite blue fbl 150%; dorospers blue fblr; dycosperse blue l-2bln; foron blue e-bl; hispacron blue fblc; hisperse blue b-rg; in trasil brilliant blue 3rl-n; indolene blue 2rn; intrasil blue fbl-n; intratherm blue fbcr; jaylene blue 2rx; kayalon polyester blue ebl-e; kiwalon polyester blue fbl; leadisperse blue fbl 100/150%; lonsperse disperse blue 2bln; lumacron blue 2bln; lumacron blue efbl; melosperse blue 3rl; metrolene blue 2rx; miketon polyester blue fbl; miketon polyester blue fbl cnc; miketon polyester blue ftk; orcocilacron blue p-rbld 100/150%; ostacet blue e-lr; pamacron brilliant blue bcp-56; patcosperse blue n-3rl; permasil blue 56 150%; permasil blue e-fbl 150%; permasil blue er; permasil blue fbl; permasil blue fbl-a; permasil blue fbln 150%; permasil blue kfbl 300%; plastic blue 503; rathilenebluefbl; resolin blue fbl 150%; resolin blue fbln; resolin blue k-fbl; resolinblue fbl; rifalon blue e-fbl; serene blue 2bl; serilene blue rl; setapers blue fbl; sinarlene brilliant blue ebl; sinowide blue b-r; spectrum blue 2rx; sumikaron blue e-bl; sumikaron blue e-fbl; synten blue p-br; taicron blue e-brt 200%; terasil blue 3rl-01; terasil blue 3rl-02; terasil blue 3rl-02 150%; terenix blue fbl; tertranese brilliant blue p-3rl; triasperse blue fbl-e; widetex blue b-r; youhaodisperse blue e-2bln; youhaodisperse blue e-bln 15155; youhaodisperse bluee-fbl 15158; 1,5-dihydroxy-4,8-diaminochloroanthraquinone; 1,5-diamino-2-chloro-4,8-dihydroxyanthracene-9,10-dione; bemacron blau e-fbl 100% description: disperse blue 56 / ci 63285 anthraquinone class. cas: 12217-79-7, 34344-90-6, 50814-71-6, 71807-39-1, 71807-42-6, 84933-12-0 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 235-401-1 producer: cht / bezema type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
12012BEMACRON BLUE S-BGL 200%12222-78-5125.0CHT / BezemaDsB73Dyecode: 12012 name: bemacron blue s-bgl 200% bemacron blau s-bgl 200% bemacron kék s-bgl 200% synonyms: c.i. disperse blue 73; c.i. 63265; akasperse blue bgl liq.; allion blue bgf; artisil blue bgl; blue s-bgl; blue s-bgl 500% group; burcosperse blue sbgl; classic disperse blue 73 200%; dianix blue bg-fs; dianix blue bg-p; dianix blue bgfs 200% new; dianix blue s-bg; dianix fast blue bg-fs; disperse blue bgl; disperse blue h-bgl; disperse blue s-bgl; disperse blue sbgl 200%; dispersol blue d-r; dispersrite blue sbgl; dorospers blue sbgl 200%; dycosperse blue h-bgl; dyecolor disperse blue s-bgl; foron blue s-bgl; foron blue s-bgl gran; foron blue sbgl; intrasil blue bgl-n; intrasil blue gl; intrasil blue r; intrasil brill blue sbgl; isosperse blue 5bgle; kiscolon blue k-gs; kiwalon polyester blue bgf; lumacron blue sbgl 200%; orcocilacron blue sbg 100%; pemiasil b rill blue f2gl 190%; permasil blue bgs 200%; permasil blue s-bgl; resolin blue bsl; sarasperse blue bgls; serene blue sbgl; sinarlene blue sbg; sumikaron blue s-bg; synten blue p-bgl; terasil blue r; terasil blue r 200%; terasil blue r-02; terasil blue r-ol; terenix brilliant blue f2gl; triasperse blue bgl-s; bemacron blau s-bgl 200% description: disperse blue 73 / ci 63265 anthraquinone class. cas: 12222-78-5, 12235-98-2, 39328-02-4, 54077-09-7, 57608-81-8 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 602-263-2 producer: cht / bezema type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26084BEMACRON ORANGE SE-B50.0CHT / BezemaDsODyecode: 26084 name: bemacron orange se-b bemacron orange se-b bemacron narancs se-b synonyms: bemacron orange se-b description: disperse orange dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: cht / bezema type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
22694BEMACRON YELLOW BROWN S-2RFL5261-31-425.0CHT / BezemaDsO30Dyecode: 22694 name: bemacron yellow brown s-2rfl bemacron gelbbraun s-2rfl bemacron sárgásbarna s-2rfl synonyms: c.i. disperse orange 30; c.i. 11119; 4-[n-((b-cyanoethyl)-n-b-acetoxyethyl)amino]-2',6'-dichloro-4'-nitroazobenzene; akasperse orange 2rfs; akasperse yellow brown 2rfl; allilon orange 2rfs; ambicron brown s2rfl; apollon yellow brown s-2rfl; balicron yellow brown s-2rfl; begacron yellow brown 2rfl; bucron brown y; chemilene yellow brown s-2rjfl; coldisperse brown yellow 2rfl; concordacron orange 2r-fs; condispr orange co; desron yellow-brown s-2rfl; dianix yellow brown 2r-fs; dianix yellow brown s 2r; disperse brown yellow 2rfl; disperse orange 2rfl; disperse orange ec; disperse orange s 4rl; disperse orange s-2rfl; disperse orange s-2rl; disperse orange s-4rl; disperse orange wxf; disperse orange s-er; disperse yellow brown rel; disperse yellow brown 2ae; disperse yellow brown 2rf; disperse yellow brown 2rfl; disperse yellow brown h-2rl; disperse yellow brown s-2rfl; disperse yellow brown s-2rpl; dispersol orange c-r; dispersrite yellow brown s2rfl; dorospers yellow brown rlp; dycosperse yellow brown h-2rl; dysperse yellow brown s-2rfl; fantagen brown 4gl; fantagen yellow brown gl; foron yellow brown 2rfl; foron yellow brown s 2rfl; foron yellow brown s 2rfli; foron yellow-brown s-2rpl; harisperse brown rel; highlene yellow brown 2rf; hisperse orange c-yd; indolene brown yellow s2rfl; intrasil brown 2rfl; isosperse orange 2rfl; kayalon polyester yellow brown 2rl-s; kiwalon polyester yellow brown 2rp; leadisperse orange 2rls; lonsperse disperse orange s-4rl; lumacron orange ec; lumacron orange ecnp; metrolene yellow brown 2rp; multicet yellow brown 2r; multiter yellow brown 2r; orange c-gn; orange s-2rfl; orcocilacron yellow brown 2rfl 200%; pamacron orange 2jr; patcosperse yellow brown 2rfl; patcosperse yellow brown 2rfl 75% pst.; permasil yellow brown s-2rfl; rathilene yellow brown 2rf; rifalon yellow brown s-2rl; sarasperse yellow brown 2rp; serene disperse orange 20; serene yellow brown k2r; serile yellow brown r-ls wpc; serilene yellow brown r-ls; serilene yellow brown r-ls; serilene yellow brown tr-ls; setapers yellow brown s-2rfl; sinarlene brown s2rel; sinowide orange c-gn; spectrum brown 4rl; sumikaron yellow brown s 2rl; sumikaron yellow brown s-2rl; synten golden brown p 2r; synten golden brown p-2rl; synten golden yellow p-2rl; taicron yellow brown s-2rft; terasil brown 2rfl; terasil yellow brown 2rfl; terenix yellow brown f2gl; tersetile brown grl; tersetile yellow brown grl; triasperse yellow brown 2rfl-s; tulasteron fast yellow brown gr-c; vicoperse yellow brown rel; vicosperse orange 52 rfl; viosperse orange gr-fs; widetex orange c-gn; yellow brown 2rf; yellow brown rel; yellow brown s-2rfl; youhaodisperse yellow-brown s-2rfl; propanenitrile,3-[[2-(acetyloxy)ethyl][4-[(2,6-dichloro-4-nitrophenyl)azo]phenyl]amino]-; propionitrile,3-[p-[(2,6-dichloro-4-nitrophenyl)azo]-n-(2-hydroxyethyl)anilino]-, acetate; propionitrile,3-[p-[(2,6-dichloro-4-nitrophenyl)azo]-n-(2-hydroxyethyl)anilino]-, acetate(ester); bemacron gelbbraun s-2rfl description: disperse orange 30 / ci 11119 single azo class. it is a dye with sublimation fastness, very good light fastness and good washing fastness. reduction-stable chromophore. a dye with easy and level dyeing properties. good build-up and light fastness on microfibres. good reserve effect on co. cas: 5261-31-4, 12223-23-3, 73299-41-9 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 226-070-4 producer: cht / bezema type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26085BEMACRON SCARLET S-BWFL22.0CHT / BezemaDsRDyecode: 26085 name: bemacron scarlet s-bwfl bemacron scharlach s-bwfl bemacron skarlátvörös s-bwfl synonyms: bemacron scharlach s-bwfl description: disperse red dye. brilliant scarlet with good sublimation fastness. good build-up with moderate light fastness on microfibres. in some combinations, has a tendency towards catalytic fading. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: cht / bezema type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
6059BEMACRON RED SE-BBL44.0CHT / BezemaDsRDyecode: 6059 name: bemacron red se-bbl bemacron rot se-bbl bemacron vörös se-bbl synonyms: bemacron rot se-bbl description: disperse red dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: cht / bezema type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
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