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Last modified: 2018 Jan 11.
NrProduct NameCAS NrkgProducerColour IndexType
20545DIRECT ORANGE 611325-53-754.0DrO61Dye
20546DIRECT ORANGE 8275.0DrO82Dye
18274DIRECT GREEN 286471-09-635.0DrG28Dye
12084DISPERSE BROWN 123355-64-825.0DsBr1, DsO46Dye
20579DISPERSE BROWN 1, liquid23355-64-8776.0DsBr1, DsO46Dye
20585DISPERSE VIOLET 266408-72-675.0SV59, DsV26, DsV31Dye
20586DISPERSE VIOLET 99212955-32-397.0DsV99Dye
20577DISPERSE BLUE 14861968-29-430.0DsB148Dye
20576DISPERSE BLUE 6551923-15-025.0DsB65Dye
20578DISPERSE BLUE 79:1, liquid75497-74-445.0DsB79:1Dye
20580DISPERSE ORANGE 2919800-42-121.0DsO29Dye
20588DISPERSE YELLOW 11957308-41-590.0DsY119Dye
20582DISPERSE RED 18300.0DsR18Dye
16837DISPERSE RED 20228462-17-1300.0DsR202Dye
20583DISPERSE RED 9272363-26-925.0DsR92Dye
20584DISPERSE RED 92, liquid72363-26-96.0DsR92Dye
24365DYNAPAK 4709003-27-414175.0Univar
24368EFKA PU 4020840.0BASFDispersing agent
18227HOLSOL BLACK RL61901-87-949.5SBk29Dye
2376LUCONYL NG BLACK 00661333-86-4300.0BASFPBk7Pigment paste
24366LUCONYL NG BLUE 631068186-86-7357.0BASFPB28Pigment paste
22793LUCONYL NG ORANGE 2430923954-49-8488.0BASFPO82Pigment paste
24369LUGALVAN IMZ288-32-4300.0BASFSurfactant
20547MORDANT BLACK 812224-57-670.0MBk8Dye
22264PALIOTOL YELLOW K 1760154946-66-4170.0BASFPY191:1Pigment
24363REACTIVE BROWN 912225-66-0325.0RBr9Dye
8622REACTIVE BLACK 5, liquid17095-24-82519.0RBk5Dye
23392REACTIVE BLACK 812225-26-21800.0RBk8Dye
23393REACTIVE BLACK 8, liquid12225-26-2397.0RBk8Dye
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